To place an order in the shop, we ask you to create a customer account. After activation, you will receive a personal discount code for 50% for this account, which you can use to order easily . The minimum order value is €150. Please let us know as soon as you have created your account and we will send you the discount code straight away. The code only works in conjunction with the account.

You can create an account using the following link: https://niemalsmehrohne.de/account/login?return_url=%2Faccount


Important informations:

The wholesale discount cannot be combined with other sales or gift vouchers.

All of our earrings usually come drawn on paper cards and wrapped with cellophane. We do this for safety reasons so that the jewelry doesn't get scratched and because we travel to markets and prefer to pack the earrings for hygienic reasons. Although cellophane feels like plastic, it is a recyclable raw material made from renewable materials.

There is also the option to receive the earrings in an eco-friendly jewelry box made from recycled cardboard. But this costs extra. The jewelry box can be purchased here:


Our rings come in a jewelry box at no extra charge.

Many of our items are small series and are partly lovingly handcrafted directly by us. It is always costume jewelry. We make every effort to use only the best raw materials. That's why our pieces of jewelry are very well tolerated. However, we can never completely guarantee 100% compatibility. Our Laser Collection always consists of stainless steel ear studs that are very well tolerated. We also use gold-plated or silver-plated brass and also pure brass. Some stud earrings are made of 925 silver. The materials are always stated in the item description and also specifically marked on the paper cards. We also have to point out that the earrings should not be worn while exercising or showering. Water always reduces the longevity of costume jewelry. Our raw brass parts (especially rings) will always develop a patina due to their material, but this can easily be polished away with a polishing cloth.

If you have any further questions, you can ask them at any time. We look forward to cooperation.