Endlessly in Love Hoop Earrings - Heart Earrings

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Fall in love with our "Endlessly in Love Hoop Earrings"! They are made of acrylic - so light that you can wear them all day long without getting uncomfortable pressure points. And they're waterproof, allergy friendly and will put a smile on your face! ♡

Dimensions: 6cm full length, diameter hoop: 2cm

Material: Creole made of stainless steel, heart made of light acrylic, pearl made of plastic


Shipping :

Within Germany we ship as a package with DHL for 4.99 euros.

Outside Germany we ship internationally as goods mail with Deutsche Post for 8.99 euros.

Delivery time 2-4 days

Information only applies to deliveries to Germany. The duration may vary for deliveries to other countries.


Acrylic is particularly easy to care for and can also be wiped down with soap. It is lightproof and super light.

Stainless steel is generally well tolerated, does not tarnish and does not turn green on the skin. To keep it looking beautiful for a long time, we recommend only cleaning it with a dry cloth.

Over time, brass acquires a light patina, which often gives the piece of jewelry a special character. If you prefer it shiny, you can bring the jewelry back to a high shine using simple home remedies such as toothpaste or brass polish.

Gold or silver plating is sensitive to moisture and mechanical friction. That's why it's best not to wear the pieces while exercising or sleeping and not to let them come into contact with cosmetics. To clean, please only use a dry jewelry cleaning cloth.

Please do not store your jewelry in the bathroom as the high humidity affects it. Best in a small box in the bedroom.

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